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Our Story

The Viet Huong Community Garden tells the story of people and plants and how that connection can help people heal. It is one of the most established gardens in Tacoma.

"Viet Huong" means “scent of Vietnam,” because when you walk into the garden, an aroma rises when the sun hits the freshly watered plants that reminds the gardeners of Vietnam. We all know how directly scent is tied to memory. This garden and gathering place is a community space where gardeners remember where they came from, keep their culture alive, and create new memories with these plants for generations to come.


Originally called La Grande, they changed their name and began expanding in 2009. From a mostly empty lot they transformed the space with hand tied trellises crafted from repurposed materials to hold different melons, beans, and chayote. They save food for the non-growing season and seeds to continue growing their staples. 


The stewards of Viet Huong are looking for new community members to love and respect the space as much as they do! Fill out an application if you are interested in a garden plot


Contact Viet Huong lead Xuan Man about how you can get involved.

South G St. at South 18th St.
Tacoma, WA


Tacoma has been a refuge for displaced people. The Viet Huong Community Gardens became an important place for immigrants and refugees to begin building a new sense of home after being displaced, and gardeners have remained connected to both our City and their heritage through the sacred act of planting heirloom seeds. These seeds are special: they have been acclimatized throughout the decades to Tacoma's unique climate. 

The Tacoma Urban Land Trust supports the power of food in bringing communities together and preserving cultural heritage. This garden serves to increase access to nutritious and culturally significant food options to not only improve the health and well-being of individuals, but also promote greater understanding and appreciation of diversity.

See the Garden

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