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In 2010, Tacoma Urban Land Trust broke ground on this unique property.  The Gallucci Learning Garden is an effort in engaging the broader community. The new site offers a visually stimulating garden environment with spaces designed for garden-based learning and a beautiful community gathering place. The community is invited to participate in and learn about all phases of local food production including composting, planting, cultivating and harvesting. Prospective gardeners can learn about preparing, cooking and preserving their produce for winter use. People may take advantage of workshops led by expert gardeners in addition to working as volunteers in the garden. These learning experiences are open to children, teens, adults and seniors. Cross-cultural and cross-generational mentoring enables seniors to share their lifetime of gardening experiences with inexperienced and younger gardeners and allows those of different cultures to share gardening techniques unique to their heritage.

A major part of the site is utilized as an outdoor classroom where students participate in hands on learning, the fertile soil substituting for a blackboard. Ornamental food garden concepts will illustrate how creatively designed food gardens can visually enhance homes and neighborhoods.  Sustainable gardening techniques will be demonstrated throughout the site in addition to a rain garden and other ecologically sound design features, making the garden an example of environmental stewardship.   The community gathering place provides a place for neighborhood activities, from potlucks to outdoor movies in summer. Construction of the Gallucci Learning Garden Project was made possible by a Green Partnership Grant from the Greater Tacoma Community Foundation in partnership with Pierce Conservation District, Tacoma/Pierce County Health Department, area businesses and members of the community.

Environmentally sustainable gardening, a growing concern about the safety of our food supply, increased awareness of the benefits of growing our own food, and the importance of healthy diet and exercise in reducing obesity, are all issues that Tacoma Urban Land Trust is interested in and are being addressed with programs planned for the Gallucci Learning Garden. 


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