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Our Story

In 2010, Tacoma Urban Land Trust broke ground on this unique property.  The Gallucci Learning Garden is an effort in engaging the broader community. The site offers a visually stimulating garden environment with spaces designed for garden-based learning and a beautiful gathering place. The community is invited to participate in and learn about all phases of local food production including composting, planting, cultivating and harvesting.

A major part of the site is utilized as an outdoor classroom where students participate in hands on learning, the fertile soil substituting for a blackboard. Events and classes are provided throughout the year. 


Environmentally sustainable gardening, a growing concern about the safety of our food supply, increased awareness of the benefits of growing our own food, and the importance of healthy diet and exercise in reducing obesity, are all issues that Tacoma Urban Land Trust is interested in and are being addressed with programs planned for the Gallucci Learning Garden.


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1401 S G St. 
Tacoma, WA


As a cooperative community garden, there is pride in being a unique model that tends the space together under the lead of Master Gardeners. The communal gardening affords a choice of activities within various skill levels, ability, and interests. There is no individual garden plot to rent or care for, instead stewards & volunteers learn new skills and immerse in the joy of growing together.

Gallucci makes a tangible impact on food security with more than 50% of harvested produce donated to support those in need through local partnerships. Through the generous support of our community, we contribute to alleviating hunger and creating a stronger, more resilient local food ecosystem.

TULT's commitment extends beyond the act of cultivation. All volunteers, whether committed stewards or occasional participants, share in the harvest. This collective experience fosters a sense of community and shared responsibility for the well-being of all neighbors. 

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