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Greenspaces Owned &/or Managed by TULT 

Gallucci Learning Garden

1401 South G Street

Tacoma, WA

  • Owned by TULT

  • Community Garden -Supplying healthy food to those who are food-insecure.

  • A Demonstration Garden - Showing various methods of growing fruits and vegetables in an organic method.

  • Teaching Garden -                     Offering free classes on many gardening and sustainability topics.


Viet Huong Community Garden

South G Street at South 18th Street

Tacoma, WA

  • Owned by TULT

  • Community Garden -                      Primarily gardened by Vietnamese immigrants.

  • Cultural Center used by the neighborhood


Hilltop House Orchard

Yakima Ave So at So 19th St

Tacoma, WA

  • Leased by TULT, Managed in Conjunction with Harvest Pierce County.

  • Free Classes in Orchard Maintenance.

  • Training Location for Gleaning Project Volunteers.

  • Community Garden -                      Small garden, operated by local residents.



  • The Tacoma Urban Land Trust (TULT) intends to acquire and preserve green space in Tacoma that will connect, nourish, and sustain our diversity. The purpose for which TULT was formed is exclusively charitable.  The specific and primary purposes are:

  • To acquire and preserve, promote, and maintain green space in our Hilltop neighborhood in Tacoma.

  • To combat community deterioration by promoting the development, rehabilitation, and maintenance of green space and gardens in our community neighborhoods.  Transforming available land for projects and activities that improve the quality of life in those neighborhoods.

  • To protect the natural environment and promote the ecologically sound use of land and natural resources for the long-term health, benefit, and safety of the community.




To provide green space and garden space whereby communities can be offered educational opportunities to further their knowledge of growing their own food using organic methods, promoting sustainable, ecological, and affordable options to produce their own food in an urban setting.

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